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Avda. Madrid, 7
47140 Laguna de Duero
Tel. 983 54 13 46

C/ Newton, 1
Edif. 3 Nave 30
Pol. Ind. Sur M-50
28914 Leganés - Madrid
Tel. 91 348 32 35

Electrical Installations


Building Services

FIELDS OF ACTION: Chalets on-demand, single-family homes, apartment buildings, smart homes, home automation.

Commercial Facilities

FIELDS OF ACTION: Public places, offices, studios Needs Lighting, Decorative Lighting, Lighting Design.

High Voltage Installations

FIELDS OF ACTION:Transformer Installation, Network AT, CT Maintenance

Relief Works

FIELDS OF ACTION: Street Lighting, Lighting of walks, ornamental lighting, unique buildings, Housing estates, low voltage networks.

Engineering Service

FIELDS OF ACTION: Development and implementation of projects, studies and works management advice, energy studies.

Air Conditioning

FIELDS OF ACTION: Air conditioning, heat.

Special Facilities

FIELDS OF ACTION: Fire Facilities, Facilities CO, extraction and ventilation.

Industrial Facilities

FIELDS OF ACTION: Warehouses, and automatic.